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SUMC is committed to challenging students to learn advanced biomedical and clinical sciences, acquire the best, evidence-based diagnostic and patient-care knowledge and skills, to obtain a rigorous training in professionalism and the art of compassionate care for patients, and to meet evolving healthcare challenges. To achieve these goals, SUMC has a core group of faculty members who obtained advanced education and training in world-class universities and have a track record of excellence in teaching and research.

SUMC is dedicated to advancing humane healing through innovative educational methods and research. To this end, students at SUMC are being educated in a comprehensive curriculum, which has been developed according to international standards and emphasizes the use of innovative pedagogy and learning strategies, new technologies, and big-data sciences. The ultimate mission of SUMC is through innovation in research and education to produce the best scientists, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, public health advocators and policy makers, and medical educators of the 21st century.

SUMC is a comprehensive medical college, and it has a School of Biology & Basic Medical Science,a School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, a School of Public Health,a School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,a School of Nursing,The 1st Clinical Medical School (The 1st Affiliated Hospital), The 2nd Clinical Medical School (The 2nd Affiliated Hospital),and a Clinical Pediatric School. Each school has specific missions and has developed a comprehensive curriculum to provide its students the best educational opportunities and experiences.

The medical program has an integrated organ-based curriculum. Additionally, the medical program is designed to be a flexible 5+3 program, which gives a student an educational choice that is closely aligned with his/her medical career development goal. SUMC’s hospitals provide vigorous, challenging and systematic clinical training of medical students and are homes for translational sciences and precision medicine research.

In addition to its educational missions, SUMC also emphasizes the importance of advancing biomedical and clinical knowledge through research and innovations. For example, the nursing program stresses classroom-to-hospital research in humane care and palliative care; the nuclear medicine program has a group of outstanding faculty members who use the state-of-the-art approaches, such as the proton and heavy ion radiotherapy, to treat cancer; the public health program brings together experts from different disciplines to address a wide array of public health issues and challenges in China; the pharmacy program has a focus on developing target-specific anti-cancer drugs. Suffice to say, a significant number of SUMC faculty members have received competitive research grants from the central and local governments. It is not uncommon that SUMC faculty members publish their research findings and innovations in peer-reviewed, high-impact international journals. Because of the high quality of their research, these faculty members are now leading figures in their fields in China.

SUMC strongly encourages students to pursue scholarship by creating many opportunities for them to be actively involved in research activities. For example, the Cyrus Tang Hematology Center, Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Institutes of Biology and Basic Medicine are unique in that they all provide opportunities for students to learn advanced biomedical sciences and clinical sciences through research.

All members of the SUMC are committed to the goal of developing SUMC into a world-class medical school that is excellent in education, research and innovation. We stay true to our ideals and goals because we believe in a bright and great future of SUMC. Should you decide to join SUMC, you will find that this is the place where you can acquire life-long friendship with like-minded people, find great mentors to guide you through your educational journey, and obtain a holistic education.

Eugene Y. Chin, Ph.D./M.D.

Dean, SUMC

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