The School of Nursing was founded in 1997. It is now a Primary-discipline Doctoral and Master’s Degree Conferring Unit, Provincial Key Discipline, Featured Specialty by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, and National Key Specialty (Clinical Nursing) by the Ministry of Health. It passed accreditation for nursing majors in institutions of higher education by the Ministry of Education and was approved as the Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Centre for Experiment Teaching in 2015.

The School is one of the founding units of the “Chinese Consortium for Higher Nursing Education” and the “Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai-Fujian Salon for Nursing Graduate Supervisors”. In 2013, it initiated an “Excellent Nursing Talents” teaching reform program, which aims at cultivating highly qualified nursing talents with a solid theoretical foundation, adept skills, a concept of humanistic care, and high competence in order to meet the health care needs in Western China.

In 2014, the School started staffing four departments: Humanistic Nursing, Fundamental Nursing, Clinical Nursing, and Community Nursing. Under those four departments are 10 teaching and research divisions (Humanistic Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Acute and Critical Care, Clinical Nursing I, Fundamental Nursing, Clinical Nursing II, Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing, Community Nursing, and Clinical Nursing III) and one Clinical Skills Centre.

The School has 46 core faculty members, of whom 31 have senior titles, 10 have doctoral degrees, 8 are committee members or deputy directors of the Specialty Committee in the Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Nursing Association; and 11 are directors or deputy directors of the Specialty Committee in the Jiangsu Nursing Association.

The School features an excellence-oriented and globalized education with due emphasis on cardiovascular nursing, acute and critical care, and chronic disease management. It values exchange and cooperation with prestigious colleges and universities both at home and abroad, and has invited well-known professors of nursing from the UK, US, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to serve as visiting professors. It has also signed agreements for joint education programs with the Queen’s University Belfast in the UK and Tzu Chi College of Technology in Taiwan. In 2015, it launched the APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) program in order to meet the needs of the globalization trend in on-the-job postgraduate education, aiming at turning itself into a modern, international, teaching and research-based institute.

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