The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Soochow University is a national cutting-edge research institution that is committed to new drug development and cultivation of pharmaceutical talents. Its predecessor was the Department of Pharmacy at Soochow Medical College.

The College offers a master’s degree program, a doctoral degree program, and a postdoctoral research station in the first-level academic disciplines of pharmacy. It also offers master’s degrees in pharmacy and pharmaceutical engineering. The College has established one Jiangsu Key Laboratory, one Jiangsu Pharmacy Discipline Comprehensive Training Center, two Suzhou Key Laboratories, and two research institutions of the University. Pharmacy was listed as a construction project for Jiangsu’s preponderant discipline (Phase I and II). The Essential Science Indicator (ESI) of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the College was ranked in the top 1% among international disciplines in May 2014. Currently, the College has 93 faculty and staff members, including 26 professors, 37 associate professors, and 17 lecturers. Among them, there are 20 doctoral supervisors and 46 master supervisors.

The College offers three majors for undergraduate studies: Pharmacy, Biopharmaceuticals, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Among these three majors, Pharmacy is listed as the “Featured Specialty of Soochow University”. Since 2014, the College has established an English program for pharmaceutical courses. One course was recognized by the National Ministry of Education as a “Featured English Teaching Course for International Students”. Currently, the College has 900 students, including 620 full-time undergraduates, 241 master students, 39 PhD candidates, and 26 postdoctoral fellows.

The College is equipped with an outstanding faculty and cutting-edge research facilities. In recent years, the College has been awarded many research funds, including over 30 provincial funds and over 100 national funds, such as the National Key Basic Research ("973") program, the National High Technology ("863") program, the Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Support Plan Program, and the National Natural Science Foundation. In 2015, the College was selected by Thomson Reuters as the "the most influential research institutions" (ranked 7th) in the global pharmaceutical field. At the meantime, the China's first children's drug research and development base, initiated by the College and a number of institutions, has been processing smoothly.

The College pays great attention to international collaboration as a way to enhance its international influence. To date, the College has established scientific research cooperation and exchange programs for faculty and students with Harvard Medical School, University of Mississippi, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Tohoku University, Yeungnam University, and Kyungpook National University. The College has also set up four joint laboratories with Nihon University, Toho University, Kyoto University, and Osaka University. Furthermore, the College has established a “production-study-research” alliance with quite a few domestic enterprises to strengthen the relationship between industry, academia, and the research community.

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