The School of Biology & Basic Medical Sciences is comprised of 12 departments and 8 research institutes.

There are 212 full-time faculty members, including 43 professors, 76 associate professors, and 55 lecturers, many of whom are winners of national and provincial honorary titles and/or grants. Many chaired and guest professors actively participate in school affairs, including Eddy Liew (Fellow of the Royal Society, University of Glasgow, UK), Guoping Zhao (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Peter Delves (Vice Provost, University College of London, UK, and professor of immunology), and other internationally renowned scholars.

The School offers more than 40 biomedical courses (approximately 15,000 class hours per year) for undergraduate students majoring in clinical medicine, medicinal imaging, nursing, dentistry, laboratory medicine, radiology, preventive medicine, pharmacy, and Chinese medicine. In addition, the school is responsible for teaching over 750 undergraduate students majoring in forensic medicine, biological sciences, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and food quality and safety.

Both MSc and PhD programs are offered here in many subjects, such as biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, pathology, and ecology, with approximately 200 students graduating each year. Post-doctoral training opportunities in the field of biomedical sciences and animal sciences are also available. Additionally, the school undertakes continuing education and training programs of various levels, serving members of the local community. Postgraduate students benefit from faculty members with a strong research background in different disciplines.

In the last three years, over 120 major research programs have been awarded to us, including those under the National Key Basic Research ('973') Program, National High Technology ('863') Program, Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China, and Major Biomedicine Innovation Project. More than 300 research articles were published in international peer-reviewed journals. Faculty members of the School were issued over 200 patents by the State Intellectual Property Office. The School has also won more than 20 grants from national and provincial Science and Technology Innovation programs.

Bearing the university motto of “Unto a full-grown man” in mind, we will continue enhancing our competitiveness in education and scientific research in order to become a center of excellence regionally and nationally.

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