The School of Radiation Medicine and Protection was born from the Department of Radiation Medicine at Suzhou Medical College, which was founded in 1964 and was affiliated with China’s Ministry of Nuclear Industry.

The discipline of Radiation Medicine is the sole national key discipline in this field. It is also a key discipline supported by Jiangsu Province, the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for the National Defense of China, and “Project 211”. Its Special Medicine was awarded by the “Jiangsu Leading Discipline Development Program for Colleges and Universities”.

The School offers various programs from undergraduate programs to post-doctoral programs,including PhD and post-doctoral programs in Radiation Medicine and Special Medicine, master’s programs in Radiation Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, and a five-year medical bachelor’s program in Radiation Medicine, which is one of the national featured majors, the special major of Jiangsu Province and the brand major of Soochow University. The School houses licensed training centers for radiological health inspection, radiological health and protection of China’s Ministry of Health, radiation safety and protection of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, radiation medicine and protection of the Chinese Medical Association, medical rescue of a nuclear emergency approved by the National Nuclear Emergency Coordinating Committee.

The School’s research is oriented to the nuclear power industry, national defense, and human health services. We focus on cutting-edge research in advanced radiation medicine and nuclear medicine, nano-biomedicine, environmental radiochemistry, and nuclear and radiation safety.

Led by Professor Zhifang Chai, a member of the CAS, the School’s strong faculty team was awarded as Chang jiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team Development Plan from China’s Ministry of Education in 2009. The School became the Collaborative Innovation Center of Radiological Medicine of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions in 2014.

The School has set up an open platform for international cooperation and communication. It has remained in close contact with an international organization, prestigious institutes, and universities to promote the development of radiation medicine and protection in China.

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