Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Cell Research, Dr. Dangsheng Li, Lectured on Scientific Writing at Soochow University

In the afternoon of December 14, 2018, Dr. Dangsheng Li, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Cell Research and Executive Editor of Cell Discovery, visited the Medical College of Soochow University and presented the lecture “How to write a good research paper” for the first year Ph.D. students in the course of scientific writing for the biological and medical sciences.

Dr. Li began with the most important questions every graduate student would meet, such as “why it is important to publish papers”, “how to choose research projects”, “how to perform good research”, etc. He used vivid examples to dissect each component, including Introduction, Results, Discussion, Experimental Procedures, of a research paper in detail. He also taught students how to tactically reply the reviewers’ comments and provided some technical guidance. He further used real cases to discuss how to use proper tones and tenses and how to choose the right words during scientific writing.

In the two-hour lecture, Dr. Li not only shared the theory, logic, and writing techniques, but also discussed the details we should pay attention to during the scientific writing. During his lecture, Dr. Li also summarized the elements, requirements, and principles for the scientific writing and provided strategies for students to overcome the language barrier during the scientific writing.


During the discussion section, Dr. Li explained the difference between novel and conceptually novel and shared the principles and philosophy during the initial assessment of manuscripts submitted to Cell Research. More than 100 people attended this lecture, including the dean and vice deans of the Medical College of Soochow University, Prof. Eugene Y. Chin, Prof. Yaqiu Long, Prof. Xiong Su, principle investigators, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates. During his visit, Dr. Li also discussed research projects with PIs in the college and provided valuable suggestion and comments. The course organizer, Prof. Guoqiang Xu, hosted this lecture.

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